10/03/2011 Defcon Presentations!

Yesterday  i was announcing  the Defcon 19 dvd download in  Dragonjar comunitty,the dvd has all  presentations,specifications for all design about badges and more ....
You can download here
http://defcon.org/ obviously,specificly
https://media.defcon.org/dc-19/defcon-19-dvd-updated.iso (~1.7 GB)
i have seen a little of this presentations in my free time  and until now  i like some presentations

"Deceptive Hacking " by bruce Barnet aka grymoire

Let’s say that a hacker desires to extract large amounts of
intellectual property from a network. However, steganography and
covert channels would take too long. Instead, the hacker desires to
obtain the information as quickly as possible, without alerting the
victims that the information was obtained.

In this presentation he explains a little Se Tips,and interesting concepts techniques about  psychology.

and other interesting presentation was did by Ming show "Abusing Html5 ",his analisys as centre in pricipal flaws in the new Html version and some links :


as you know  i also attaching the presentations and  a paper from barnet presentation,i hope that you enjoy :-D...feel free for comment .


encrypt with gpg

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