12/15/2011 Installing i3 under Debian Gnu/Linux

I3 has been a good option for me,during the last  3 or 4 months ago i've been testing all capacibilities,it was created because wmii didn't provide some features (see the man page or /usr/share/man/man1/i3.1.gz and uncompress), it targeted for advanced users and developers,the documentation is great and it has 2 options for install under debian. The 1 is with apt or aptitude or wathever package manager that you use,and the other is compile,in this blogpost i'm going to use aptitude for install it,this is the easy way :
aptitude update && aptitude install i3
 and i  forget the last this install is under wheezy i really don't know if stable  has it.If you dont install  a session manager you can try with gdm or another,but the better option and useful  is gdm no much dependeces and other bunch stuff's.so on  all work is done,but not  over yet remember check :
  1. i3status
  2. i3clock    
  3. dzen2 
when you finish the firts time that you init you xsession you'll configure your mod key in my case is alt,before after these i3 automatically create ~/.i3 too you can try to  optimize the i3 bar with this command :

exec i3status  |  dzen2  -bg black -fn "-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-C-70-iso10646-1"
and add a wallpaper using feh :-D
feh --bg-scale  /home/user/yourwallpaper.png 

more info:

I3 under Openbsd 
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