1/02/2013 Radare Project .Under Ios

Since a  few months ago i've been using radar,a great tool for reversing,but what is radare ?...according to the official site :

"The radare project started in February of 2006 aiming to provide a Free and simple command line interface for an hexadecimal editor supporting 64 bit offsets to make searches and recovering data from hard-disks.

Since then, the project has grown with the aim changed to provide a complete framework for analyzing binaries with some basic *NIX concepts in mind like 'everything is a file', 'small programs that interact together using stdin/out' or 'keep it simple'.The project is composed by an hexadecimal editor as the central point of the project with assembler/disassembler, code analysis, scripting features, analysis and graphs of code and data, easy unix integration"
recently i found out that radare is right now for ios,since i knew it  i just went to my ipod and started the install the first step to do this is add the new source in  cydia :

Adding the source in cydia. radare.org/cydia/

after do that you need to go to the searching package and write "Radare",once there you need to install it,and that's  it all.

Radare's  project is composed by a set of small utilities that can be used together or independently from the command line like : radare,rabin,rasm,rasc,rahash,rabin,rsc ,each one of this  has a little differents options.now you have installed radare you can play with it :D.

Resources :

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