2/06/2013 Have you Watched This Chapter ?

Yes,as you know i've been watching Person of Interest for the last two seasons,based on a fictional
history about a software genius and a Ex-Cia operative  work together to prevent crimes before they can happen the creator of this is Jonathan Nolan.

The Machine

The Machine is a computer network that monitors surveillance cameras, electronic communications, and audio input. From this data, the Machine is able to accurately predict violent acts. Currently under control of the U.S. Government, its stated job is to foresee terrorist attacks and modify intelligence reports to include this 'relevant' data, allowing the government to forestall terrorist activity. However, the Machine can detect all future violent acts, not just terrorism. At some point in the development of the Machine, Finch created a routine that would pass on the so-called irrelevant numbers to him, via coded messages over a public telephone. Unbeknown to Finch, Ingram also created a routine called "Contingency" on the eve of the government handoff. It is as yet unknown what this program does, or if it is currently active. [1]
Who hasn't notice this ,surveillance everywhere governments sometimes use this systems to fight  against  terrorist and also civilians like in the movie Enemy of the state...In the last chapter of Person  we could watch and evidence real things like ghost companies,many people know this but nobody wants to say it,cyberweapons....all in this chapter so check it out :D

Pd:Sorry i couldn't find it in english only. :P

 [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Person_of_Interest_(TV_series)

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