2/06/2013 Moving Inside from Red Teams's blog

I was reading my feed,one of my favorites is redteams.net is really a peaceful reading ...i really enjoy this post ,so copy and paste :

Moving inside

What I usually plan first is the recon of the network. These are complex things. Modern networks, even on small to medium organizations, can have a lot of complexity and security features built in. Plan a stealthy recon. Depending on how much time you have try to move slowly. Do not set any alarms. Add each potentially good system you find to an overall map of the network as you know it. Record their names, IP address, OS, apps running, etc. The idea is to have as much information in front of you on the whiteboard as possible, then plan the next phase: where to go and what to extract. Plan the egress routes and the protocols you’ll use to egress the information. Set different servers ready to receive the data (encrypted of course since it’s proprietary of your customer). Have fallback servers as well: Mr. Murphy is always present.

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