7/03/2013 Introducing sources.debian.net

sources.debian.net is a new service[1] that allows browsing the source
code of Debian packages on the web with syntax highlighting,search through the source code ,with the possibility of adding contextual pop-up messages . It is updated and contains source code for all suites in the Debian archive. It currently uses around 381 GB of disk space for uncompressed source packages and around 83 GB for the source package  mirror. It is integrated into codesearch.d.n and the PTS. It was created  by Stefano Zacchiroli and the web front-end was written by Matthieu Caneill.

sources.d.nfollows closely the Debian archive in two ways:
  1. it is updated 4 times a day to reflect the content of the Debian archive
  2. it contains sources coming from official Debian suites: the usual ones (from oldstable to experimental),*-updates (ex volatile), *-proposed-updates, and *-backports (from Wheezy on)
Ensayando sources.debian.net en Osiris

 [1] http://bits.debian.org/2013/07/introducing_sources.debian.net.html
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