2/05/2014 Rate My Network Diagram!

If you have been searching on the web for network diagrams of large,small and home networks this site is for you.
Here you will be able to rate the network from 0(worst) to 10 (awesome!), this vote will be added to the rating system within this awesome site.It is recommended for ccna students , pentesters and so on.

The idea of setting this site up was not to make it possible for people to vote on the "look" of a network diagram. The purpose of this site is to allow people to learn about computer networking and network documentation by seeing what other people have done with their networks -- all for free.

Along with rating network diagrams, users may also leave comments or messages in the RMND forum to interact with other users of the site. When rating other user's network diagrams or designing your own diagram, please keep in mind ratings should be based on the function of the network and not the graphic design capabilities of the network administrator.

How it works: You signup and become a member. Once signed up you can upload your image. Once we approve your image, it will begin to appear on the site. Visitors will view your image and rate it depending on their own personal opinion of the flow, functionality, implementation, etc. of your network. Visitors may also leave public comments about you, and some may even decide to leave you a private message.

Rules: No porn allowed! We approve all images before being shown on the site. So you lose either way, if you upload porn you will be deleted. To keep the site as fast as possible, all images must be smaller than 350 Kb in file size.

Link : http://www.ratemynetworkdiagram.com/

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