9/01/2014 Pwnables.kr

Well this post is to share with you an amazing site saw in #pwning channel ,I say that because in this site we can practice all the important aspects (Reversing, Programming, System Knowledge and Exploitation)it has a special thing where you need to know about Gnu/Linux Operative System and it is intended for students,professionals and enthusiast  of  Information Security.

The site is divided in four categories as it is explained below :

  1. Toddler's Bottle: Tasks for beginners. Basic tasks for pwning. Somewhat educative. 
  2. Rookiss: These tasks suffers from typical rookie mistakes regarding computer security.
  3. Grotesque: These tasks are somewhat difficult to exploit, you need to buckle down and focus to solve these tasks.
  4. Hackers's Secret: Advanced system knowledge is required for pwning these tasks. Being smart isn't enough.

The learning process is part of you , here you'll need to do the proper homework , it can overcome the limitations imposed by the concept of tacit, also the fun thing is the key to pass some of the challenges.

Play Just for fun not for profit.

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