11/28/2015 Linux Kernel, Security or Myth?

Recently I was reading an interesting interview who Craig Timberg made to Torvalds. Clearly the principal argument in the interview is the increase of known vulnerabilities in the linux Kernel and obviously the mindset of the lead developer of Linux, who is arguing that security is another concern more.

Even more broadly, the battle over Linux security is a fight over the future of the online world. At a time when leading computer scientists are debating whether the Internet is so broken that it needs to be replaced, the network is expanding faster than ever, layering flaw upon flaw in an ever-expanding web of insecurity. Perhaps the best hope for fixing this, some experts argue, lies in changing the operating system that — more than any other — controls these machines.

Kernel Security is pretty important right now and if you don't believe in that check the statistics in android's phone usage, also you can take a quick Look at a few recent kernel security holes that has been discovered Buffer Overflows, initialization failures and the list goes on. The point is that been Torvalds the king of geeks he is obviously going to be the king of the bad guys if they don't review properly commits and new patches, security is above usability or I think so, that's why Security of Linux even as it became a bigger is more important, but seriously Torvalds just said that People in security is just too paranoid.I remember when  long time ago Linux in its early days was widely considered a safer choice than Windows or other commercial operating systems, but now it has been disappear slowly. I have to say that not all problems did not involve the kernel itself, but they're there, and it's becoming a popular target for hackers building “botnets,” and the companies that sell them surveillance tools like Finfisher.

Could be The Kernel Security taking as a relevant topic ?

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