12/05/2015 Open Science for my Article of Communications Techniques Class at UTP

Maybe one of the most important thing in the world is how we talk to each other, it seems that sometimes there are communications  barriers and develop and improve an  effective communication toolset(skills in the end) can't be done inside a class, you need to put in practice some tips, tricks given in the classroom outside of it, because your body is always communicating.

So this blog post is not going to be about computer security or relate it, it's my invitation to you to read and article written by me and my fellow Sebastian Zapata this was and assignment in the communication techniques class meet the following requirements :
  1. Read and use the arguments of  the textbook 'Redacción Técnica '
  2. Write an article based on the image below, and release the article under Open Science movement [1]
  3. Use  the American Psychological Association rules.
Fig.2 scientific method, Spanish Version.
So here is a short summary of our work done :

Fig.2 Work done, Ascendent order
You will find this article in tex and pdf format in the next link :
Articulo de Técnicas Comunicación [Full Text in Spanish]

See you next
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_scienceOpen science is the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional. It encompasses practices such as publishing open research, campaigning for open access, encouraging scientists to practice open notebook science, and generally making it easier to publish and communicate scientific knowledge

Due to this research , I've had problems with some professors and teachers they claim that I'm evil and a destroyer for reveal potential risks to the public, meanwhile I don't think about this as a problem because it exist inside the campus and  that's happening in other national campus around Colombia, This shows how bad prepared are the professionals who manages network of the university, without generalizing of course.

I stopped working with the professor of electrical technology for this.

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