1/28/2016 NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his attack squads

True words have not been spoken at the Usenix enigma conference it seems that the Nsa's top hacking boss is explaining how they exploit your networks and he is giving free advices... I doubt it, I've seen a lot of  systems over the time and wherever I've been, security invariably sucks even in the places where they really know it does suck. So, it's not a non sequitir to state that they'd probably be more secure with someone else handling the data at rest part of the equation or data in transit within the cloud provider.

Data in transit and data at rest still on premises will remain key determiners of exactly how the overall security posture rates up or rates down. A proper provider will help the business to lock down the in transit data as well. Then only the on premises setup will be the only part that sucks.Security is a process and the number of people that actually can read and apply proper processes is vanishingly small if it's possible, to advance your systems security and understand it just do it, and the first step is to encrypt everything, and trying to mitigate adding more layers of security.

I respect all people working in US goverment but as you know according to the recent statistics of some resources [Check spiegel.de] say that USA is the largest invading privacy , because they don't respect the American rights over national security , also we know that MI6 and other intel agencies are reading alien code searching for explotaible bugs. This is a game where the number one player is USA , and that talk given by Roy Joice is strange because he is part of that exploiters team.
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